Contact List

Contact List displays names in perfect alphabetical order.
However, when in add a new email and you click on the TO: , the contact list displays but in some catywampus order.  This is happening on a second device with no free license.  Help

Hello Norma,

This table can be sorted according to values in columns. Ii you click on the columns head (Full name) the table will sort alphabetically A-Z. If you click again, it will sort Z-A.

I hope this answered your question.


That works for the contact list, no problem.  Like I said before, the contact list is in perfect alphabetical order with last name first.

As mentioned previously, when you click “Add new email” the email message format comes up perfectly.  Then when you click on the TO word to open the contact list, the contact list is now in some weird last name order that requires a Phd to figure out what the order is.

Again, help  Bob

Hello Bob,

What version of eM Client are you using? From what I see in the newest version, it works correctly. Even after you right-click on the upper bar, you can change which columns will be displayed and what sorting will be used. Please see the screenshot bellow.