Contact list is nothing but a headache

I am trying to set up a new contact list because my list was created with very few
entries from Thunderbird. you think that would be a simple chore but as Em Client nothing is straight forward or simple. I been Repairing my emclient several times and seeing a sample view of an empty client I see Your sample which does me no good as far as entering my contacts. Another area that bothers me is I have a computer that I alone use. When I set my download folder I created a basic folder for C:/All Downloads which Ive done for 30 years or so - with no problems.I found em client changes it to c:/users/user. of course I never thought em client would download and set up to a different location. That was a problem for my dlownloads and setup for several weeks. And other problem area is em client does not direct a user in logical steps. Many times moving a totally new subject. At least for myself I don’t understand many of the new ways things are changed to. I am not a computer expert and don’t understand the constant changes. You have a great product but I wish you could simplify the download and install steps for users like me.

Have you tried exporting TB contacts in .csv or .vcf format and importing them into eMC? That seems to be fairly straight forward/simple to me.