Contact has multiple email addresses

When a contact has multiple email addresses I only see the first address and none of the others when selecting a recipient for an email. I need to be able to select from multiple email addresses for some contacts.

At any of the contact screen, right click on the name of the contact and go to “Send Message”. You can than choose which e-mail address to use.

If it the contact list on the side bar, hoover your mouse over the contact name, the contact that has more than one address will have a triangle pointing down indicate a sub-menu. Click on the triangle and choose the e-mail address you want to send to.

If you need to select multiple address from only one of the contact, there’s no way at the moment in eM Client I’m afraid.

If you meant choosing from Select Contact window I added it to our buglist and we will fix it to one of the next updates/versions. Meanwhile I recommend to use our autosuggestions that will prompt you each contact address.

How can I add the second email address to one contact?

I would also like to have a feature where a single nickname inserts multiple addresses.

in contacts open contact and add another email to it.

can you please describe this feature better? I can’t imagine anything for email client …

I don’t know how to describe it other than function: I assign a contact as “mail1” and when I put “mail1” in the address field, application changes that to [] []. If I set up a different set of addresses for that contact, perhaps when I put “mail2” it turns into [] [] []. It’s an old Eudora thing from 20 years ago. I could write in a nickname and the app would turn it into any number of addresses. It makes addressing very simple. The ancient Eudora is a good model for everything. Everything. But development stopped several years ago (or I’d still be able to use it for everything).

In contacts there is only one email field. I tried to enter 2 email addresses separated by comma but when want to send an email in the “TO” field appear 2 email addresses separated by a comma.
That is hilarious.
Is there another way?
Please be very specific. Thank you.

ok, when you open contact there is email field, on leftside of it is button click on it and you will be able to choose another emails (e-mail - e-amil 3, work, home)


this is not planned and we are not considering it. You can make idea topic so other users can +1 so we will see how many users wants this.


Will do, thanks.…