contact folder synchronization failed: unsupported email address

Hello to everybody,
I cannot find this issue in the support forum, but I might not have been carefully searching.

Anyway, every time eM client synchronize, I get a message stating:

contact folder synchronization failed: unsupported email address

The account is a Microsoft Hotmail free account.

Thanks for the help.

I had this problem about a week ago, after much misinformation from various source I installed Mozilla Thunderbird on my computer so that I could receive my emails. Then made sure my emails were backed up in eM Client. Then I removed eM Client from my computer. From here I  downloaded eM Client from their genuine website, then I restore my emails and everything returned to what it was about a week ago. Good Luck

Thanks Philip,
sounds like you did a fresh install. This I would do if anything else would not work.
I’ll wait for possibly some more suggestions and then if there is none, I will do as you suggest here.

Hello Marco,

I think it is important to download eM Client from their genuine website , not other websites that offer eM Client downloads that possibly don’t have the most recent updates in them.

Regards, Philip.

I sorted it
The problem was most probably related to some email addresses.
I got rid of some contacts I saved recently. Not so sure what the problem was, the only thing I noticed these contacts had just email addresses and some were duplicates.

Some of those with just email address I wanted to keep I just fulfilled with name and surname field. I I I deleted the others.

Suggestion for people with this problem is to run through a careful contact cleaning and consolidation.
This should cure the problem.

Ciao a tutti