Contact Details not showing up

I have contacts that have 2 or more e-mail addresses (personal, work, etc), and eM Client isn’t matching up the mail contact with an existing contact entry.

* Contacts stored on Gmail are all set up.
* Contacts show up in eM Client with all of the defined information and are correctly linked to the e-mail account in question.
* When a mail is selected, the contact details do not populate.
* If I select the contact under Contacts, the details are there, and the Communication History lists out the same as the one without details.

His personal address is set as the Primary, and the work one is set as the 2nd address. The e-mail I clicked on came from his work one.

I made sure there wasn’t a duplicate anywhere by using the Address Book icon and sorting by e-mail address. The only real difference I found is that the incoming e-mail address is proper-case whereas I have it entered all lowercase.

Since the history populates correctly from Contacts, I can only deduce the following:

  1. When a contact is selected from Contacts, it does a case-insensitive search with all addresses.
  2. When an e-mail is selected, it only searches on the Primary address, or it’s doing a case-sensitive search on all of them.

thanks for posting. You are right, when an email is selected searching is case-sensitive. It will be fixed in the next version.

Thank you for confirming the problem.