Contact Communication History is Wrong

I’m testing out the functionality of the Contact Details panel, and I happened to notice that one of my contacts shows a “Communication history” for today of 49 items. It should only be 5 - 2 received and 3 sent.

It appears as though every time it autosaved to Drafts (I have it set to 1 minute), it logged it as a communication with him.

In case you need to know: I’m connected to Gmail via IMAP.

Contact Communication History

I tried to simulate your issue using Gmail IMAP account but communication history works OK for me. While saving to Drafts repeatedly it overwrites previous version and shows only the last saved email in the history. Do you get multiple versions of the same email in Drafts folder while writing?

I checked my Drafts folder, and the folder is empty. My Sent Mail shows only one copy for each mail.

I noticed today that it’s replicating in other ways.

If I click on something in the Sent folder, it will show my Contact entry in the “Contact Details” panel as expected. But, it’s showing a new mail from the same contact above as being received 4 times.

If I select the Contact entry for that person, the Conversation history starts adding more entries. When it finished, I can see that every single e-mail is shown exactly 4 times per actual copy.

The only difference between now and then is that I added another alternate e-mail. His Contact entry now has 3 e-mail addresses associated with it.

Somehow eM Client is getting confused about that.


I tried to reproduce the issue described and it seems to be caused by labels and special folders.

In order to be compatible with IMAP clients Google creates special folders named as your labels + some other like “Starred” or “All Mail”. All these folders are holding copies of messages which are synchronized and displayed in message history. As a result they seem to be duplicated, but they are different messages from the IMAP (and therefore our client’s) point of view.

We have encountered this issue before, but it requires major changes to the internal structure and therefore won’t be solved very soon.

Ah! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It makes complete sense now. New e-mails from him get filed under a custom label/folder, the Inbox, and [Gmail]/Important.

I will provide my resolution ideas in a separate post.

Thank you for narrowing down the problem!