contact carddav automatic splitting


I did not want to warm up this 3 years old thread and my problem seems to show up in 7, but not in 6. Really!…

I got a problem with the contact managment of eMClient.

But first of all: A big THANK YOU for making eM Client! :slight_smile:
One big reason is that eM Client works with CalDAV and _CardDAV_. I looked over weeks for a email client supporting this CardDAV with my email provider. Some mentioned a »Sogo Connector«, but it failed for me. Tried it again, when I moved from Win 7 to 10, but it failed again.

I have a problem with eM Client Version 7 because you changed something in the contact management. I know it’s a beta, but I just want to report it before the end of the beta phase.
eMClient always automatically splits names. Could you create a option to disable this behaviour? It seems new to me.
When I enter »Mum & Dad« as first names, eMclient saves them as Mum (First name) & (Middle Name) Dad (Last name). When I enter a name as a company name, it’s not messed up, but the empty field »first name« is filled with the email address. When I want to save the company »Electronics + Computing Ltd.« I see in my webmail »« at the letter »S« instead of »E« in the alphabethical list of contacts. That bothers me, because when I sync it online, it shows up as »« in the order at the webmail. Even when I manually undo the auto-splitting, it’s split again next time.
I would like to disable the automatical splitting of name in the contacts of eMclient.

One more ideas to improve eM Client:

When I print out the contact list, you give the umlaut »Ä« a own, big letter. Like »A« Adam, »Ä« Ärzte and then again »A« like »Assistant. In German it’s handled like a normal »A« so »Ärzte« would be treated like »Arzte«. The same for the other umlauts »Ö« and Ü«. This behaviour is not new to version 7, but I just want to mention it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!

Best regards from Berlin,


And thanks for switching from IE to Chrome as a rendering engine! Before this I had to open one newsletter in webmail to read it, because I could not view that email at all (in eMClient 6)!

Hello Michael,
thank you for your praise, we appreciate it :slight_smile:

As for your contacts filing issue, I think there are few ways you could go around it.
If you want to disable the splitting of the names completely, go to Tools>Settings>Contacts and in the ‘File new contact as:’ option choose ‘Name Surname’ option.
If you want to split most of the names but just occasionally want to make a change, click the ‘Details’ tab in the Contacts creation window and manually add the filing name for the contact in the ‘File as’ field.

I’ll mark down the umlaut treatment into the feature request list and see what our developers think about it.

Thank you for your feedback.


Hello Olivia, thanks for your reply! :-)  I see what you mean. I moved from version 6 to 7 and I would like, that your developers kept it the way it was in em client 6! The old behaviour was removed/desabled. For real! If accidentially or on purpose? What I mean with the “old behaviour”:
I want to open a existing contact (let’s say “Mom & Dad”), click on “Full name” to open the “Name details”. Then I copy “&” from “Middle Name” and “Dad” from “Surname” to “Given Name”. Now is the “Given Name” “Mom & Dad”. Than I clicked on “Ok” and then closed the contact window with “Save”. Now is “Mom & Dad” saved as a “Given Name”. I could manually correct my contacts in the em Client 6. Maybe this feature was just accidentially disabled/removed? Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,
when you click on the ‘Full name…’ now and change it this way, does it not save in version 7?
Because the way you describe the functionality now it’s still in version 7, you just need to click the ‘Full name…’ in front of the text field with the name.


No, it’s different to version 6 :frowning:
I checked it again with my example “Mum & Dad”. If I copy “&” from “Middle Name” and paste it to “Given Name” and do the same with “Dad” from “Surname”, then click on “Ok” and “Save” and open this contact again - it’s split again!