Contact cannot have more than 1 email address

If I add a second email address and save, the address is immediately removed. If I import a vcard file which has two email addresses, only one is saved to the contact. If I sync down from my cardDav server an contact card which has more than one email, only one is kept, then the next time the contacts are synced, emClient syncs-up the updated contact record (with all but one email address removed).

I am losing contact data. Can anyone please shed light on this issue?

I am on Mac; emclient version 8.2.1478

If I add a second email address and save, the address is immediately removed.

How do you add an email address? From the contact screen do you click “Add contact information”? Then which do you choose after email: Email, or home email or work email?

I’ve never tried using the same field name, always a different one.

I’ve tested again, and adding a second email address works fine when using a local contact. However when using a carddav synced account, adding a second email (with a different email type) just immediately disappears after sync:

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Might be a bug in the Mac version.

I’ve seen on the forum recently a new update for Mac isn’t too far away so this issue might have been fixed in that if there is no resolution for it.

It may be that the server does not support syncing this second address, or it syncs it to another field.

@jpar you did not say who the CardDAV provider is, so there is no way to test this.

I am using the calDAV/cardDAV services that come with my web hosting (cPanel management). I have a Windows machine as well, so I can test it there to see if this operates any differently.

This same issue happens on emClient on my Windows machine (connected to the same calDAV server).

However, I’ve set up a Fruux account to try that, and this same issue doesn’t happen.The Fruux account works fine when adding a 2nd email via emClient.

Yes, as I said, it is probably that the CalDAV server does not support this second address, or syncs it to another field.

You will need to contact the provider and ask.