constantly error messages

Constantly error messages.
Since a few weeks I constantly get error messages (version 6.01). When I start up eM, no problems. But after a few minutes when eM syncs with my 2 gmail imap accounts, I receive failure messages. Sometimes it are server issues, or failing to sync some maps, or execution of request failed, contact sync errors

Constantly error messages. I didn’t change anything at my account, when I first downloaded and used eM a month ago… not any problems but now it is horrible.

eM works only perfect when launching it, afterwards (manually syncs, or closing eM & restart).

please fix this bug.

Hi, Just to be sure, can you still receive and send emails, or to be more specific do synchronization with server without problem?

If so then just turn off error messages in Tools - Settings - General - General.

eM Client is very sensitive to internet connection and specially with IMAP folders which are synchronized 24/7 it if recognizes even slight connection issue like WiFi sleep for a second or things like that it will throw out error/s.

Anyway tell me if this will help you.


Hi John

I still can receive e-mails or sync agenda after clicking the button (sending & receiving).
Sometimes the problems occurs all day, sometimes all works fine for few days, then again problems…

can you please post the exact version of your client here?

Thank you,


Hi again,
This is not the latest available version, try updating to the latest version (…), maybe it will solve the problem.

Otherwise, check back with us here and we’ll try to find a different solution.

Thank you,

No more problems the last day.