Constant 'Synchronizing Folders' Indication. Not receiving email from server. 2 days now.

What would cause this, suddenly?
Constant ‘Synchronizing Folders’ Indication.  Not receiving new emails from server.

One pop account.  This began 2 days ago.  Version  7.1.30794.0

I have tried, deleting the account, reinstalling, same issue.
emClient will not pull the folders and mail from server.

One reason is that POP does not synchronize the folders and emails from the server. To do that you need to set your account up as IMAP.

My apology, it is IMAP.
I can’t correct the post.

(wow no Edit option for the post, I know I’ve used it previously…)

Performing IMAP testing under Diagnostics.
IMAP testing gives a constant progress spin, does not complete.

See error log here:!At2SiOFVa4nUrX15E5uPvzI5KWVs

Once there is a reply to the original post, it cannot be edited. That happens with comments also. :slight_smile:

Some things you could try:

Turn off conversations. Menu > View > Conversations.
If the sync interval is too small, it could be the cause. Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization.

Conversations is disabled.  And was before this mornings delete and account reinstall.

I just Uninstalled and reinstalled emClient, same behavior.  There may be a better method for doing a clean-install, since the reinstall acquired the account I had setup in the original version.  This is not the gift I wanted.