Constant sync with no errors, running again and again

I have a problem with my Em client version 7.2.38732.0 one of the account is constantly synchronizing, with no errors and no new mails coming in the Inbox. Every 2-3 seconds there is a cycle of synchronization, which ends correctly (another line shows “finished”) and then it starts again immediately.
This is a never ending process, while some other accounts, working on the same server, have no problem at all as they are correctly synchronizing every 10 minutes.
Thank you for your help to resolve this!

If possible, can you update to the latest version in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

If you want to remain with version 7, there is a later release, otherwise there is version 8.

Actually I have the opposite problem. I keep getting sync errors as per the attached screen shot but as far as I can see everything is syncing fine. Can I fix this?