Constant sync and can't see message

Seems like my email is constantly saying it is syncing. When I click on a message I get a blank screen and when I go bo back to my inbox it still shows it as unread?

Same, here. It seems related to gmail. Last version 6.0, conversion to 7.0 left out images!

Hello,does this happen on a Microsoft account set up as IMAP?I am afraid that with the recent changes on Microsoft servers the IMAP protocol for outlook/hotmail/live/msn/etc. accounts is unusable for external applications at this time.Please set up your account as Exchange.Go to Menu>Tools>Accounts.In the New account window choose Mail>Exchange.Use your Microsoft mail address for both the Email and Username fields.Delete or disable your previous IMAP setup.

Gmail, not Microsoft. If I close eM client and reload it later, it updates properly.