Constant POP3 Errors even though email seems to be working

After correctly configuring my POP3 accounts and successfully being able to send and receive on those accounts, I’m still receiving this error every time I send and receive. ‘’[POP3] An attempt to connect to [email protected] failed. This could be caused by temporary service unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?’’.

When I first set up the accounts in EM client I got the green tick box and everything looks fine. I don’t have the same error issue in Thunderbird using the exact same credentials but I’m loving the interface of EM client and it seems much faster. What am I missing? Can you help me to solve the cause of these errors and get rid of them?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It could be that there is a timeout and eM Client is reporting an error.  It then checks again and connection is successful.  A workaround is to go to menu/tools/settings/general and un-check the “Show window when an error occurs” in the Operations Window section.

I get that error message but emails don’t download either. Was ok for a year, then suddenly stopped and I did not change any settings. Checked with email host and they haven’t got a clue.