Constant password prompts in eM Client caused by too many IMAP connections.

Hi eM Client experts,

I am having a problem, the specifics of which may not *obviously* affect very many people, but it is still a problem, and I am sure that fixing it would help a lot of people who haven’t researched it as thoroughly as I have.  I have searched the forum.  Some people are having problems with constant password prompts from eM Client, with Yahoo: users who DON’T use Calendar or Contacts from Yahoo but who have those features enabled, by default, in eM Client… there is some room for improvement in the eM Client account setup there, to verify all services in the Yahoo account separately.  Others are having password prompts all the time with GMail, which may be related to my problem, but I’m not sure.  I’m not having a problem with GMail, but with another company.

My company,, seems to have a connection throttling limit on their server, such that if anybody tries to connect repeatedly during too short a time period, their server gives back an error that says “Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded”.  I have had this problem with them for as long as I can remember.  BUT, my user experience with eM Client has just been getting worse, and worse, starting with the initial eM Client 6.0 release.  Under eM Client 5.0 I just got the red exclamation point (!). In eM Client 6.0, every time the connection is cut off or denied by my server, I get the error I quoted, in a PASSWORD prompt!  I don’t know if there is any code the server gives which can distinguish between a bad password, and another error, so perhaps eM Client simply doesn’t know that the server isn’t complaining about my password, but rather about something else?  But in any case, because it pops up the password dialog, every time eM Client makes a new connection which fails, I’m constantly having to re-type my password… because I’m usually in the middle of typing a sentence which spoils my password…or at least hit Enter/click the prompt if I’m not typing at the time.

So, I have several suggestions.  1. If there is any way eM Client can distinguish between password errors from a server, and non-password errors, it would be nice to handle them differently.  2. Give us some way to suppress these errors in either case.  I have already turned off the Operations Window “Show window when an error occurs” setting… it is unchecked on my computer, yet these password prompts continue.  3. If possible, give us an option to streamline/pipeline IMAP server connections to limit the number of connections made.  I’m just guessing, but it seems like every time eM Client goes to a new folder, it makes a new connection, at least under eM Client 6.0 and higher.  This may help user experience for some people, but for me, it makes my life hell due to the limitations of my server.  For me, it would be nice if eM Client would just make 1 connection and do everything through that single connection, and idle that connection to minimize re-connects.  4. The most recent release of eM Client 6.0 (last month, 6.0.20546) has made things even WORSE, because it re-tries to connect to the server after an error like this, on EVERY message that I try to process.  eM Client is trying really hard to get its data synchronized with the server, but in my case, I’d rather it stop, and wait, and give the server some time, once an error has occurred, and I have no way of configuring eM Client to back off like that!  So if the server is giving an error that may be temporary, back off and don’t try again for a while… or if you do try again, just don’t give us another password prompt every single time it fails!

I like eM Client for all its great benefits, and I recommend it to my clients, some who have bought the pro license… I just wish my own user experience were a little better.  Thanks for listening!


Hi, if you’re getting prompted for password it is not due to the fact eM client couldn’t distinguish between password requests and other errors, if this was caused by a closed connection an error in the operations window would appear. What version of eM client are you using and what settings are you using for IMAP and SMTP?

Can you make a screenshot of this error?

Also, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the account? Save the settings, restart the application and when the error occurs, please go back to the advanced settings window and click on “send logs” and send the logs to my email (

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience,