Constant error on startup.

Every time I start emclient, I get the following error:

This came about after I deleted some “notification”, on the right-most pane, about some womens-lib political message. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

just guessing:
this is an IMAP-Account, right?

perhaps delete the Account-Settings from eM-Client, close the Application,
restart eM-Client and re-configure the IMAP-Account ?

Based on a quick Internet-Search the “sequence Number” gives “…the relative position from the first message in the mailbox…”.

I don ́t think eM-Client can fix if the contents of the Mailbox on the Mail-Server is corrupted…
but perhaps that refers to the local replica of the IMAP-Account?

Other Idea: try to access the Mail-Account via POP3…?

just (lots of) guessing…

kind regards