Consistently getting 404 error message

This is my third attempt at using emClient and I can say that this time it was much better with one major exception. I consistently get this error message and it is very frustrating. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have deleted the account and re-added the account. Nothing works thus far and am tired of the interruption.

So this is an Internet Calendar, which is not setup as an account. Go to the Calendars section of eM Client, right-click on the Internet calendar and choose Delete.

I am not certain about how to go to the Calendar section. I looked for this in tools and accounts and did not see an option to right click on internet calendar. I did see an option to subscribe to an internet calendar. Please advise.

The calendar tab at the bottom left was hidden. Once I open that up it took me a while to delete a calendar because I clicked on several and delete was grayed out. Finally, I clicked on the right one and deleted it. I now have two calendars listed (one for each account), but it may be too soon to say that the problem has been solved. I will let you know if it reoccurs.  Thanks

In the left sidebar, you have Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. Click on Calendar.

You will see your calendars listed there. From the error you posted it appears that an Internet Calendar is causing the problem. Right-click on the calendar and delete it.

It might be better to add the calendar as an account. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, then add a new account and select Calendar.


If your calendar was already setup like this, remove it and add it again. See if that makes any difference.