Connection to exchange works, then suddely foesnt anymore, then later works again

Am a new user with Pro trial version.
I use a hosted Exchange.
Initial setup of eMClient went well, did synch all mails calendar etc.
A while later a red wrning triangel appeared - connection attempt failed.
At the same time, my old email client was connected and worked.

I restarted eMClient - no change.

I reboot computer the next morning - it works and shows new mail - then immediately after the sync the same error again.

Would appreciate any help.


First place to look is in Menu > Operations, then in the Errors tab, or possibly in the Log tab if there is nothing listed in Errors.

Maybe try disabling any anti-virus/firewall or VPN application on your computer as a test, and see if the same connection failure is there.

Thanks Gary!

No errors, but messages in the log - this is a cleared log and then one attempt to synch
12:45:07 [Exchange Web Services] System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.
at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind)
at System.Uri…ctor(String uriString, UriKind uriKind)
at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeContactSynchronizer.ConvertApplicationData(ExchangeService service, Item item, CancellationToken cancellationToken)+MoveNext()
at System.Collections.Generic.List1.InsertRange(Int32 index, IEnumerable1 collection)
at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeItemSynchronizer2.ConvertApplicationDataAndSkipUnparsable(ExchangeService service, Item item, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeItemSynchronizer2.ChangesToItems(ExchangeService service, IEnumerable1 changes, CancellationToken cancellationToken)+MoveNext() at System.Collections.Generic.List1.InsertRange(Int32 index, IEnumerable1 collection) at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizeContext2.<>c__DisplayClass18_03.<Synchronize>g__FlushItems|1(Int32 threshold) at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizeContext2.Synchronize[T,TUid,TVid](SynchronizationType synchronizationType, IEnumerable1 items, Func2 getUniqueId, Func2 getVersionId, Func3 hasChanged, Func2 isDeleted, Func2 convertItems, Action2 updateItem) at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeItemSynchronizer2.Synchronize(IItemSynchronizeContext1 synchronizeContext, Folder folder, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizer2.<>c__DisplayClass37_1.b__6(WorkerStatus status, CancellationToken ct)
at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeGenericCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)
EnqueuedStackTrace =
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizer2.<>c__DisplayClass37_1.<EnqueueSynchronize>g__RunSynchronize|2() at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizer2.<>c__DisplayClass37_0.b__0()
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.AccountBase.RunIfOnline(Action actionIfOnline, Action actionIfOffline)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizer2.EnqueueSynchronize(Folder folder, Boolean fast, CancellationToken cancellationToken, Action1 completed)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.ItemSynchronizer2.MailClient.Storage.Synchronization.IItemSynchronizer<TStorageItem>.Synchronize(Folder folder, SynchronizationPriority priority, Action1 completed)
at MailClient.Storage.Application.ItemCollection2.Synchronize(SynchronizationPriority priority, Action1 completed)
at MailClient.Storage.Application.Folder.Synchronize(SynchronizationPriority priority)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.FolderSynchronizer.SynchronizeFoldersForOfflineUse(IEnumerable`1 folders)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.FolderSynchronizer.<>c__DisplayClass14_1.b__1(CompletionEventArgs completionEventArgs)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.RequestIssuer.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.b__0(Object sender, CompletionEventArgs e)
at MailClient.Commands.Command.Complete()
at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)
at MailClient.Commands.SynchronizationQueue.ThreadWorker(Object threadData)
at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart(Object obj)
12:45:07 [Exchange Web Services] System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled.
at MailClient.Protocols.Exchange.ExchangeAccount.SynchronizeIntAsync(Boolean forced)
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.SynchronizableMailAccount.<>c__DisplayClass6_0.<b__0>d.MoveNext()

I am not sure about diagnosing issues from the log entries, especially with Exchange, but right at the beginning there is an error.

Maybe try remove the Exchange account from eM Client, then add it again.

Before that, all is looking good to me:

with the last being

12:45:05 Exchange Web Services Synchronizing folder ‘/Contacts’

Looks like Exchange Web Services might be the culprit - but I canno turn them off in the account settings - - ??

It needs to be enabled as Exchange Web Services is the protocol that the email client uses to connect to the server. If you turn it off, there will be no connection al all.


We’ll need a bit more information in this case. Open Settings - Advanced and tick “EWS” under the problematic account. Restart eM Client, wait until the error appears again and send us the logs at please.

DrVette, we have not received any message at from you. Are you still encountering the Exchange problem? Let me know please.

Thanks for helping!
I made the change and no error into the first 5 minutes :slight_smile:
Ill keep you posted.

Hi George_Wilson,

Error reaccured - treid to send log, but “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”
Do you have an email to use?

I’ve downloaded eMclient 8.2.1193.0 and have the exactly same problem. It only syncs at the first try.
The exchange server is okay and running since it synchronizes perfectly with eMclient 7.2.40748.0 and another email client set on my android.
I’ve already been in contact with Support, but the problem remains unsolved.
I would like to move to eMclient 8 but I can’t, because of this issue.
Would appreciate any help!