Connection to Exchange server fails


I’m trying to set up eM Client to work with our custom domain mailboxes that we got back in the days of Windows Live Domains.

Reading a guide posted in these forums, it said the best way to do this under the new configuration was to set the accounts as Exchange accounts. I’ve done that but once an hour or so I get an error message saying the client couldn’t connect to the server (I’m attaching a few screenshots).

I’ve contacted Microsoft Support about this, but they basically washed their hands, saying that, since I could access the accounts normally through, it wasn’t a server problem on their side and I should look for support with client.

Any ideas of what could be causing this intermittent error? I tried running the Diagnostics in the eM settings, but the option never activated, even after I checked the box to enable it.

Thanks in advance.

PS. You can find screenshots of the error and settings here:

I used to get that message a lot before I set up the Exchange account.  It still does it occasionally but not as much as it did pre-Exchange.  It has always connected eventually so I just ignore the messages.  That was ignorant statement by MS to say to “just use”  It doesn’t have the features of Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express.  You can’t import your old folders.  I think MS has really shortchanged their loyal customers who used Windows Live and Outlook Express.  The mail and the new Windows 10 Mail programs are real stinkers.  Em Client is the only one I have found that works like my old programs.

I just turned off the warning messages. It all works fine even if the odd time there is an error connecting for whatever reason.