Connection problems / no incoming mails

I have no incoming mails since last week, Wednesday (I performed an eM update that day). I have 3 accounts on this computer, only one does not work, I didn´t change the settings. I have the same setup on my laptop, no problems there. Tried uninstall eM client and re-installed it but the same problem is coming up. IMAP and SMTP diagnosis says okay, no problems but I still get the triangle and connection problem only with one of the 3 accounts and only on this computer. On my laptop is everything working perfect.

If you click on the red triangle do you see the actual error ?

It says that there is a connection problem from server side or in settings, but it isn´t because my other accounts are running. Checked server settings, it is okay, because from my laptop it is working. All settings are the same. IMAP and SMTP diagnosis says “ok”, that´s weird.

I would then suggest if you haven’t already, to remove (that specific) IMAP account and re-add it and see if it then fixes the error.

Note:- Before removing that acct though, do a backup via “Menu / Backup” incase you have to restore.

I figured out, that the problem comes only up with the latest update. No Problems with version 8.1.1060.0 for example.
With 8.2.1193.0 Problems started.

So I tried 8.1.1060.0 again and it works. So I won´t do the update again.

Can you update this thread with the actual “mail account / settings” that cause the red triangle in eM Client “later than 8.1.1060”. Obviously don’t show any personal login account name details.