Connection problem

I am currently evaluating eM Client as an email client: I need to sync with at least 3 addresses, so I’m heading toward a PRO license. Problem is, I am having issues with some IMAP folders: in detail, a couple of folders seem unable to synchronize, while others (all for the same e-mail address) read fine.

The “faulty” folders look empty (while they’re correctly populated on the server), and clicking on them result in the following error message.

It’s in italian, so I translate:

Connection to [ACCOUNT] failed

[IMAP] The connection to [ACCOUNT] failed. This could be caused by a temporary server unavailability or by wrong settings. Do you want to check your settings?

Since this issue happens only with some folders, and always the same folders, I am pretty sure it’s not a settings issue.

Can anyone point me to a working solution?

My eM Client version is 6.0.21378.0, and the account is on Yahoo!

Thank you in advance,


Hi, sorry to see this, can you please switch to the “Log” tab when the error occurs, copy the content of the log and submit it to us here on the forum for more information about the error you’re seeing?

Thank you…