Connection problem / update from 8.1.1060.0 to any higher version

I have a problem (red triangle) when updating from version 8.1.1060 to any higher version.
I use a pro version, changed nothing in the settings. New installing the EMC does not help as well as deleting the mail adress and re-setting it up.
Using IMAP / SMTP, connection test is green (okay). Help is much appreciated.

IMAP: 993

SMTP: 587

Both did not change.

Thank you,

I would first reboot in your computer as strange as that sounds sometimes it fixes quirky things.

As you have already tried removing and re-adding your account with the same settings & done a clean install of eM Client & getting green ticks on the mail diags, then if you have any (optional) firewalls, security programs, antivirus programs, vpn’s try (disabling those to test) to see if any of those are interfering with the connection.

Failing that, if you have recent eM Client files from V 8.1.1060 that worked ok, I would try restoring that in the latest version of eM Client for Windows or Mac from the release history page. When you install EMC “skip the account setup” and just restore your backup via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Thank you, I will try that and report if it works.