Connection failed to email account

One of my 2 email addresses. Constantly shows ‘connection failed’ for 2 days now. What can I do please ?

A full description of your account + where you are trying to conntect to + the error in full, may give us an idea where to start

My account is the free emclient. The error, in full, says:

Connection failed

An attempt to connect to (my email) failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Please check on the settings or click on the warning triangle to try connecting again.

This is the 3rd day, so not server unavailability. I have not changed any settings. I have clicked on the warning triangle many times !

Who is the account attempting to connect to?
Have you tried removing the account and re-adding the account?
Have you tried stopping your VPN and anti-virus software?

IMAP I think - it is showing 3 ticks Airsync, SMTP AND IMAP.
Not tried either of those suggestions as yet

Have you contacted “Airsync”?

I have no idea what Airsync is, sorry

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