Connection Failed - iCloud Calendar

Im running version 7.2.38732.0

Trying to set up the Calendar to show my iCloud Calendar. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right and using the icloud app generated password, but all I’m getting is Connection Failed.

The Caldav address in the em client account settings is showing as:

No idea what is wrong, any ideas?

Mine works using just in the Caldav URL box.

Thanks for the suggestion, tried it, but made no difference.

I have a similar issue over and over again, at least every couple of days (I think it became more frequent). I am using google Calendar ( and gmail etc. as part of gsuite). It works fine when newly setting up the account in emClient but after some time the Calendar refuses to sync with the message “Connection Failed”. The only solution I have found for this up to now is deleting the entire account and setting it up again. This is done in 2 minutes but is not a satisfactory solution also because all new entries in the calendar (and tasks) which have then not been synchronized with google are lost.