Connecting to SOGo caldav

Having a little trouble, every URL I try says it fails with an Error OK

I can access and login to the web client via  I’ve tried that and a few other variations (SOGo/so SOGo/so/username

Hello Mark,

Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand where the issue lies. Do you mean that you have trouble with opening the URL from eM Client? Otherwise I would need more information in order to help you.


I’m not 100% sure what url to use. And the error message being reported back is “OK” which is just confusing the matter. Just hoping someone who’s hooked up to SoGo can give me an example of what url to use.

I figured it out - if you login to the SOGo web interface and click on the 3 dots next to the calander and address book theres an option for “links to this” which lists them for you.  Working good now.