Connecting to Outlook failed while sending email

Hello eM-Client-Community,

since a few weeks this error apears regulary…I don’t know why. I checked th forum and other places to search for help. I added 4 Screenshots: the error and the report, two pages of my settings. I hope you can help me because I really really like the clear and nice interface of eM-Client.

edit: “new users only can upload one media”…so its best to show you the report I guess!

One of the first things you can try with connection issues is to temporarily disable your anti-virus/firewall or VPN, then try again.

Also make sure you are using the latest version listed in the Release History.

Hello Gary,

I’ll try these things. I just deleted the Outlook Account in eM-Client and set it again. Now it works at first. But I also will install the newst version. Autoupdate or manuel update inside the program seems not to work.

Yes, not all updates are made available to all users at the same time.