Connecting to an iCal shared calendar

I am trying to figure out how to connect the eM Client as a delegate to an iCal calendar on a OS X 10.6 server. I want the eM client to be able to make changes on the calendar. How does one accomplish this?

Same question here.

you need to create new CalDAV account with URL of the delegated calendar.
URL format is:
http:// [domain]:8008 / calendars / users / [delegated username] /

Use credentials to your delegated calendar.


Milos Kovalcik.

Hi Milos.
I have a similar problem here.
I want an eM client user that is connected to an Ical server (Mac os 10.6 server) to be able to create a calendar and delegate it as “read only” mode to another users running eM client.
And I want these clients running eM client to be able to see the calendar but not to modify it.
Is it possible to do?