connecting failed from specfic house, but works everywhere else

All of a sudden, the last week or so, eMClient won’t connect to my account when I am at home.  I can connect via a web browser or even via Microsoft Mail just fine.  If I take my laptop to work or to a coffee shop eMclient works just fine.   I can share my log if it helps.   Running Windows 10, Avast Free, eMClient 7.1.30794.0

anybody?  ideas?

There is one thing you could try - maybe a long shot. Login to web interface. Go to Settings > Options > General > Mobile Devices. Select your laptop and choose Remove. When you try to access again with eM Client, it will create a new partnership with the laptop.

If this does not work, send your error log to my email and I will have a look.

seems to have fixed it… not sure