Have I got this right if I take the free license and activate it I can only use 2 email accounts but if I pay now I can use more than the 2 email accounts my family has, I don’t mind paying but I’d wanna know it works first before spending the cash

I’m using eM Pro with 8 accounts, and it’s working fine.

yes that’s right, free version is limited to 2 accounts. PRO version has no account restrictions.

Pro version seems to be the way to go for all the families email accounts, pity that all the family could trial it before to see how good it works before parting with money or going to another email client, so far I am happy with it except it won’t delete the emails from my providers site, outlook used to do it?

Go to tools, accounts, POP 3. Uncheck the box ‘save on server’. Mail is saved by eM Client automatically.