Confused between eM Client distribution lists and gmail contact groups

I understand how Google contact groups work. I assign a set of contacts to a group, then if I type a group name into the ‘to’ field when creating an email the email will be sent to all members in the group.

When I sync my contacts with eM Client, this group becomes a contact folder, and all the contacts in the group are also in the folder.    If I easily want to send an email from eM Client to the whole group, I would have liked to enter the folder name as per the web interface.  However this does not work, and so the solution is to create an eM Client distribution list containing all the contacts in the folder.   At first sight this appears to work well.

But, when the distribution list is synced back to the server, it appears as a contact with multiple name entries.   In the past these entries were all urn:uuid format, but they are now simple contact entries.    Now, when I receive an email from one of the members in the distribution list, the server associates the distribution list name with that single name and the ‘friendly name’ for the contact is not their real name, but rather the list name.   This did not used to be the case when the urn:uuid for was used.

So my question is how to I get eM client to revert to using the urn:uuid format, or how do I get easy distribution list entry in em Client.  one solution is to assign the distribution list to a local folder, but then it does not get replicated across multiple devices