Confused about Google Sync

I’m giving your client a test drive and it imported all of my Google and Outlook data perfectly but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to sync with Google calendar. eM imported all of my calendar events when I set it up but it doesn’t appear to be able to automatically update the calendar when I add new events. Also, it doesn’t appear to export events either.

I’ve been all through the forums and as far as I can tell it should be working but apparently I’m missing something. Plus, it is a little confusing when reading through the posts because many of them are for earlier versions of the client.

I am using version 3.5.12280.0 on Windows 7.

Since version 2.7 eM syncs with Google. Your problem is not with the version of eM Client that you are using. Does eM show any error of any kind in the log?

No. There is no error message.

I did reinstall eM and it pulled in my main Google calendar but I actually track several calendars and the others aren’t showing up at all. I’m guessing it’s the way I have the program set up but I’m having trouble figuring out what I am looking for to get it working properly.

When does the calendar sync? Does it sync when sending mail?

Otherwise, I like the program. Very clean and easy to use so far.

Do you mean you have multiple calendar on Google? You need to setup those separately as additional CalDAV account. Which if you have a few, you’ll need a Pro license. As when you setup a Google account, by default only the primary calendar would be shown.

Here’s a related instruction on how to set additional calendar as CalDAV:…

Sync happens when any changes are made. It on the fly.