We want to purchase Em client license, but the price is showing different  at different times, sometime its showing $217.91 for 10 users with lifetime upgrades and sometimes $411.95 for 10 users with lifetime upgrades, we are totally confused regarding the price. We are from India. We do not have any proxy server. Please let us know the actual price and why it is showing different price at different times.


Santanu Dasgupta

I already explained the price at your other question. See

Russel from eM Client asked you to contact him. Did you do that?

Yes I have contact him, but we have received the reply from Juraj Micek,
The conversation was -
Thank you for contacting us and for reporting the problem. What country are you located in? Do you use any Proxy that could affect the GeoIP location on our webpage? Let me know please and we’ll try to find the culprit of the issue. Best regards,Juraj Micek Sales /

"Good morning,Thank you for your mail, It is clearly showing at our office address under signature that we are from India, no we do not use any proxy server. Today again when we go to price page it is showing price $411.95. Please URGENTLY let us know the actual price and which one is correct $ 217.91 or $ 411.95 of Em Client so that there will be no confusion to purchase. Please find  the attachment of yesterday and today’s price with this mail.,Regards. Santanu Dasgupta, Sr. Executive – Systems"

After that no 

After that no reply  from your end.

So wait for Juraj  to reply. He is based in Europe, so I doubt he is in the office yet.

You ticked the box “add Lifetime upgrades”. Un-ticking that will solve your mystery.

Thank you for your reply, Yes we had already ticked the box “add Lifetime upgrades” but after that the rate is different. you can check the attachments.


You get a discount for being in India.