Conflict with hotmail outlook and 2 accounts for free eMCl make it useless

I tried the eM Client and it is looking like it is useless product. You may need the client only to manage 7-10 accounts. Free version gives only 2 accounts so it is not client at all. Paid version would work but it is conflicting with the hotmail outlook system blocking hotmail in any browser and it doesn’t give you option not to synchronize junks, trush and other unnecessary mail folders slowing down synchronization of eMClient so much that usage of it becomes almost useless.

Hi, thank you for your output on this, unfortunately we don’t support hiding folders on IMAP nor AirSync at the moment, do you have any other issues with your account?
Since the application is paid for commercial customers and it’s not allowed to use it for business purposes with the free license, we believe two account for personal use is more than enough…

Thank you for understanding,

“we believe two account for personal use is more than enough…” You are wrong (count your personal email address list, mine is 6) but it is Ok switching back to MS outlook

I don’t know many people that have 6 personal email accounts. Most people that I know have one or two at most. And just because you can’t use it for free does not make it useless.

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And I believe MS Outlook is also not free…not even if you want to use it for only 1 or 2 e-mail accounts.

The stand-alone version of MS Outlook is 110 USD:…