Confirming what Emma will and won't do in a nutshell.......

I am like brand, brand new to Emma. Am I understanding it correctly that you can email or text from within the same Emma web application, plus you have IOS and android apps? And that you can do either separate, individual style emails with templates or a marketing type campaign if you prefer? I see this as going full circle kind of streamlining SMS/Email together? I am hearing impaired, please advise via message or my email.

Maybe you are thinking of another application.

Em Client does not provide texting facilities, nor does it have a web application. There is a Mac version being tested at this time, but there are no plans for an iOS or Android version.

I don’t quite understand the question about separating personal and marketing styles. But eM Client does allow different templates per email account, or they can be selected manually when creating new emails.

I am sorry Gary, I am brand new to Emma. And I posted this post under the wrong business name. I should have posted it under the general MY EMMA postings, NOT eM Client. You can move my post if you know how to do it. To make a long story short, I am trying to ascertain exactly what and what not the main program, My Emma, will and won’t do… Since I am hearing impaired, you can also email me direct,

I am trying to find an app., a web app., software, that will crank out both email and texts out of the same program. I do a ton of emails and texts daily and it is too time consuming to keep flipping back and forth between and text and email program - you understand?