configure to gmail


Please help

I have tried configuring Thunderbird and EmClient to use to download gmail emails to my desktop.  No matter what i do they fail on username and password validation.

The IMAP and SMTP data is correct

Unsafe apps is enabled in my profile

IMAP and POP3 have been enabled in settings

Please help.  Is GMAIL intentionally making it difficult to use independent clients to manage gmail. 

Any help is appreciated.


Hello Rajesh,
while it’s true that gmail would prefer if we all used their webmail interface, it is not impossible to set up a Gmail account in eM Client.
Can you please describe how you tried to set up the account in eM Client? We implemented oAuth which gmail demands, so the automatic setup should send you to a gmail login window.
What version of eM Client are you running? Check the Help>About section for full version number.