Configuration on two devices, with one central DB is alternating working on one of these devices.

OK. Guys… Here is a nice issue to think over…

My brother has on both his PC as well as his laptop eMClient installed (both version 6.0.19714.0).
The database is centralized on a network attached storage, in short a NAS.
The networkpath to the DB is identical on both machines, the client is not running at the same time on both devices as that was already know not to be done in the first place.

Now here come two problems.
I start the client on the PC.
I’ve configured the client to use pop (port 110, unsecure, this personal info/login enabled), for smtp (port 587, SSL/TLS if available, no login). I can send and receive email on the PC.

I close the client on the PC and start the client on the laptop, but I can only receive with exactly the same configuration.
It won’t send at all and complains about unsupported userinfo on the smtp server.

Then I adjust the laptop smtp settings to use SSL/TLS and add login info to it, it then receives and sends perfectly.
I close the client on the laptop and as I’ve understood the client takes its settings from a file in the DB, I might expect the settings to migrate to the PC, which it does…

But then…I start the client on the PC and sadly enough… the PC won’t be able to send anymore…
Then I go back to the first settings on the PC and it will send again. But when I go to the laptop then, the laptop won’t send.

In the last couple of days I’ve tried all the combinations of security/server settings I could think of, but none with the result it can send from both the laptop as well as the PC with an identical configuration without any adjusting to do…
This behaviour is very annoying and might be a reason to put emclient aside in the near future…

I’ve seen that this issue is mentioned before on this forum, so please guys, get to it to fix this…

Problem nr 2…
I’m aware it might be a good idea to return to defaults every now and then, so after some useless struggling to get the above mentioned issue fixed by myself I tried to do this.

But now, I’ve got an old database which I want to import into the client so it’s available for my brother again and there are some pretty damn important mails in that database… So please advice how I can get his email back into his client.
I’m missing the import emclient database option in the import field, as it isn’t a backup (we didn’t get there yet!) I don’t know if a restore will fix the thing.

Please solve the issue and advice on recovering the old database in the first place…

Best regards,
Guido Böing


1st please move your database back to computer which has eM Client installed, it is not designed to be located outside device you are using it.

2nd you can rename your current database inside C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming\ to “eM Client” backup for example and move there this folder and name it exactly like this “eM Client”.


Hi there,

I’m very sad to hear eMClient wasn’t designed to use a network based database.

These days, where many people have multiple devices at home and want to be able to access their email on several devices but don’t want to have different databases this should be one hell of a feature to implement. By using a local database it’s not as much an Outlook alternative as it pretends to be, since Outlook is commonly used in networking environments with centralized database locations.

I’ll be looking further for emailclients which DO support network based databases, and in the meantime hope you’ll implement this feature which I know to be mentioned here in several other threads, simply because your piece of software has a well thought-over design.

Best regards,

eM Client’s database is from the beginning designed for speed and reliability, both of these features does not go together wit possibility of network access.

To be honest network database in email client does not make sense when all emails are synchronized from the server for purpose of being worked on locally.