concepts problem - more for one message

When I am writing a long e-mail and continuously saving it, after sending such a message a lot of concepts is still in folder “Concepts” , so I have to delete them afterwards.

IMHO one e-mail should have only one concept, and the folder should be located locally not in IMAP shared folders (or be able to set it in options).

Every time you save it creates a new version of the mail.  However, when you send the email, it should delete all previous versions.  Is this not happening for you?

I think that some might disagree with you about saving drafts to local folders. I often begin an email on one device, and finish it later on another, so having the draft saved in an IMAP folder facilitates that quite well. Fortunately I don’t have the problem with multiple drafts for a single message.

I wonder if this is not related to your email provider. There were some similar problems, but I cant recall if or how they were solved.  If you have a Pro License, I suggest opening a support ticket, and I am sure they will be able to assist you further.

Who is your email provider?

This was historically a problem with Gmail, but I haven’t seen it in many releases.

Jay, I remember someone mentioning that once before. Maybe it is a provider dependent thing, because I always only have a single draft. I even once set the save option to 1 minute to observe the multiple drafts, and I always only got one.

Hi Gary-- You are correct-- they must have fixed this in a recent(?) version.  I just tested it and did multiple saves and as you mentioned, there was only one draft, not multiple. Did not used to be that way.

LadaP, maybe check that you are using the latest version available for download at It might be a recent fix as Jay pointed out.

Yes, the problem is that the drafts are not deleted after sending the e-mail. I have never experienced such a behaviour in any other e-mail client like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

I am using latest version 7.1.32772.0.

Local concept folder was just an idea …
… my e-mail provider is (biggest one in CZ)

Yes, maybe it could be an option in eM Client to have either local or IMAP draft folder like you can do in Thunderbird. :slight_smile:

We already know that seznam does not offer a normal IMAP implementation. Maybe you could contact them and ask if this is a known issue. Another option, if you have a Pro License, is to open a support ticket with eM Client. I am sure they will be able to assist you further.

To contact is like to do nothing at all (previous experience).

Not having Pro - Seznam is my main private provider, and this is not the first problem I have eM client vs Seznam, so I will not buy it until basics are solved.

PS. I used MS Outlook and Thunderbird for a long time, but none of these problems had appeared anytime.

I remember from a previous problem you had that eM Client is probably not going to work 100% with seznam. If you try a different provider, you may find that eM Client works 100% with all features. So I guess it is up to you how to proceed, though if you cannot contact the provider, it may be time to look for another one.

Hm, the e-mail on seznam I have quite a long time and registerred to a lot of shops, a few banks, insurances, energy, mobile op, etc. - so it is not really easy to make a switch. And I have there more then one e-mail address, two main ones are now “managed” by eM client, but two more and some others (gmail, windowslive, …) are waiting for solving above mentioned problems after buying Pro.

So I can live with these issues, and considering buying Pro - but waiting now for version 8 (I am missing some features like favorites, quick steps), when the final decision will be made.

LOL! Yes, we are all looking forward to version 8, and maybe some new features that we have requested.

I have a few email accounts with providers that I do not connect to directly, e.g. GMail. I have those emails forwarded to my reliable regular provider. I also have aliases setup on my regular account so that I can reply to messages forwarded to me as if I was sending through GMail.