Computer cannot be activated due to license violation

Good day. I am using the free license for my personal capacity on one device. Now I get a message that I am in violation of license agreement. Please can you tell me what I have to do. I have requested reactivation but I keep getting the same message.

That usually means eM Client thinks is a business / commercial use email address which normally then needs a paid license. So I would send an email then to [email protected] as per eM Client support post extract below in the following thread to explain your situation.

[Dec '17] License - License problems - eM Client)

Olivia_Rust Leader

if your error message says “This computer cannot be activated due to a violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.” it means you were banned for breaking our license policy, this is most commonly using a Free license for commercial/work/business use.

Contact our sales department if you believe there was a misunderstanding or if you have more questions - [email protected].

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