compress email attachment

Is there a way to do this with large file attachments?

eM Client does not have a built-in mechanism to compress (large) attachments.

You should compress them first outside of eM Client.

You can also upload large files to a file sharing website (e.g. Dropbox or SendSpace or Microsoft SkyDrive) and just send the link to that file in an e-mail.

Well thanks Hans. Not what I was hoping for but okay; I guess I was hoping that emc might have a hidden option incorporating this step. Or at least that there might be an add-on that would do the trick.
Thanks again.

Hi, compressing of attachments is not possible in eM Client.


OK. thank you.

If you have WinZip: that program adds a menu-item to the popup menu in Windows Explorer, which lets you zip and e-mail a selected file.

This is great workaround, thank you for posing this info.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest this feature for an upcoming release.