Composing emails automatically and periodically scrolls to the top.

If I’m writing a long email… 
every now and then, the window will just go to the top of the page.
this can be very frustrating!

Hi Kyle, not really sure if there’s anything in eM Client that could cause an issue like this.

What version of eM client are you using and what version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Thank you,

em client: 6.0.20310.0
I don’t use IE - but I have IE11 installed.

If you would like me to - i can do a video of it occurring, then upload it somewhere…

That would be great Kyle, thank you. You can upload it to youtube or anywhere else, just send us the link, thanks!


I was unable to force the exact issue again…
So I’ll have to try and capture it when it does it!

I did however, find a similar issue…
essentially, if you minimise the window you’re composing on, it will have scrolled up when you go back to it.
link for video on this:

Hi Kyle, thank you for pointing this out, I somehow replicated the issue, we’ll do further testing on this issue and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve this issue for future releases.

Thank you, I hope you can manage to use the current setting,

Since the last update this issue seems to have become more frequent.
Has there been any progress on this at all?

It’s really quite distracting whilst focusing on writing emails.
Occasionally I have to amend certain areas of the email and if this bug occurs - it’s remarkably easy to forget where you were and leaves parts that should have been amended unfinished.

I send emails continuously throughout the day as I work from home.
I imagine this isn’t exactly top priority - but I’d really like to see this fixed as it is so irritating.

Hi Kyle, this issue was reported to the developers, however they might be working on other issues as every issue that needs to be fixed is queued in their todo list.
I’m sorry this is an issue for you, but we’re working on it.

Thank you,

Okay. Thank-you.