Composing Drafts in Beta 7

How to we edit a saved draft in the following 2 Cases.   
a. Drafts not started in emClient.
b. Drafts that are part of a conversation.

In both cases conversation mode pops up, I couldn’t find the edit draft button.

Hi Dhawal,
a. if you cannot open the draft in eM Client, please turn on IMAP logs for the account that has this problem (Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced), restart eM Client and replicate the problem (save a new draft on your webmail/other client and try to open it in eM Client).
Go back to Advanced settings and click send logs, but change the recipient to with a link to this forum thread.

b. You should be able to doubleclick the conversation in your Drafts folder, which will open the draft in that conversation.

Also, please mind that if you are testing the BETA version, it’s better to report issues to