Compose / Template confusion (new user)

As an alternative to Outlook 2003 this client is fast and excellent :slight_smile:
(animated gifs work / password logon / mail rules etc - all very similar to Outlook)

But I’m having a ‘deal-breaker moment’ which I hope someone can advise me with.

The problem is replying to mail with my preferred font/colour (Comic Sans, Dark Red) without having to manually change this every time and without affecting other aspects of the mail.

Reply to some emails: Compose supercedes Template (problem A)
Reply to some emails: Template supercedes Compose (problem B)

(A) The font set in ‘Compose’ affects the Subject/To/From/Date lines (which should stay as Tahoma). So my reply text becomes Tahoma black.
(B) The font/colour set in a template can affect ALL of the mail (inc Subject lines and rec’d mail in black). So EVERYTHING gets changed to Comic Sans / Dark Red.

I do not have this problem with Outlook 2003 - everything stays as it should whatever email I reply to.

Is it possible to setup (via Compose/Template) a method where I can reliably reply to any mail always with my preferred font/colour without it affecting anything else below it ?? (atm it seems impossible…)

Cheers :slight_smile:


I am not sure if I have understood description of your issue well, but it is only possible to set reply as general and not for every email address.

does this answer your question?


Hi John - many thx for the reply.
Unfortunately it doesn’t answer the question :frowning:

In Outlook 2003 it is possible to set a default font & colour for new mail or reply to mail (it virtually always works).

In EM this doesn’t seem possible.
There are 2 available options in EM to setup a default: ‘Compose’ & ‘Template’.

Both have varying degrees of success - but also failure (as described in my OP).
This means it’s often necessary to highlight your typed text to change font/colour (which I find an aggravating time waster).

Perhaps I’m being too ‘picky’ and most users aren’t bothered using a specific font/colour in their replies (or are happy to continually change it), but for me it was a deal-breaker…

I tried all the EM options to get it to work as I wanted without success.
Much as I like EM, I have now gone back to Outlook 2003.


Well you can set this under templates, but it will be always only one template for reply/new email/forward, you can’t make address specific templates.


Many thx for the reply - I don’t need address specific templates.

The problem with a template is how it can globally affect text when writing a reply.

When replying, I want the rec’d mail to stay in its original font/colour.
I do not want ALL the text (inc subject, date, and received mail) to be changed to the same font/colour set in a template.

This is a major flaw, making the use of a template to set a preferred font unusable.


Hi, this actually works as designed and we do not plan to change this behaviour.


Shame, as this behaviour in EM Client is unacceptable to me.

The quest to find an up-to-date replacement for an 11 year old email client continues…


I am sorry to read this, but I hope that maybe one day you will find eM Client useful to you too.