Compose mail to my contacts, not entire company directory

I am using version 8 on a Mac. I am on a trial because my company is migrating from IMAP to Exchange and I do not want to use the horrible Outlook Mac version.

The migration occurred this morning and everything seems fine. Except, when I start to type the “To” address for a new email I am composing, I see all the matches from the entire company directory, not from my own contacts. While it is nice having access to the directory also, I’d much rather manage my own contacts and have them be the primary source for auto-completion when I am sending mail.

Is there a way to do that?

One more question about mail with our new Exchange server on the Mac version if I might …

When I look at the list of emails in my inbox, each item has my local time. However, when I click on the item, the display on the right shows what appears to be UTC. Is there a way to make the time on the individual items be correct. Both the sender of this email and I are in the Pacific time zone.