Compose font always italicized

whenever I compose a new mail, the font it italicized, I uncheck the italicized box and go on, but … new mail, again starts italicized.

once upon a time, my signature was Italicized, changed it a couple of weeks ago, now all new messages use italicized, unless i go in and uncheck italicized

I have gone thru all settings, everything is set for Tahoma/12…

hep me mr wizards
thanks, Bill

Normally that will happen with a template and not a signature. So you have specified italics at least in the first line of the template. But it can happen with a signature if there is some formatting that is affecting the previous few lines where you will type. In both cases you will need to edit the template or signature and remove the italics then see if there is any difference.

But it can also happen if you have specified the font in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Preferred style. By default it is Segoe UI Regular, but if you changed that to Italic, that will be the cause.

Gary, thanks for the quick response… it led me to revisiting the signature, deleted it, recreated it, and whoopee … no italics when composing.

again, Thanks

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