Compose email question

When I compose an email, the Contacts are used for auto-completion of the address. That’s good. If I have John Doe in my contacts, with an address of how do I set the auto-completion to just show John Doe not “John Doe” <>. Outlook (despite it’s pitfalls) can do this. The idea is, if I’m sending an email to a bunch of people, I just want their names in the To line, not their email addresses. Many thanks!

There is no way to hide the email address in eM Client in the compose window, but if you go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read, you can change if the address is displayed in existing messages in your folders. With the option unticked, as long as the person is in your contacts, you will not see the email address.

If you do not want the recipients to see each other’s addresses, then you should use the BCC field, not the TO field.

Thanks, Gary!