Complicated rule question

I’m trying out IMAP on my 2 gmail accounts called Gmail1 and Gmail2. Rules are working as hoped with one exception. My wife has signed up for many sites that I normally don’t wish to see. I created a folder under Local Folders called DontWantIt on my laptop to receive those emails. I want them to remain on server so my wife will see them on her phone and laptop. I also have a folder on Local Folders called Inbox to collect all other emails. Here are the rules for Inbox and DontWantIt, The DontWantIt rule occurs before the Inbox rule. I’ve also shown the folder structure, The problem now is that emails satisfying the DontWantIt rule end up in both the Local Folders Inbox and DontWantIt folders. I want them to be saved to DontWantIt and not the Local Folder Inbox folder. Can someone help?

Also, is there a way to delete the All Mail folder? I don’t need it.

Inbox rule
InboxRu;le !

DontWantIt rule

Folder structure


You have two Rules.

The first makes a copy to the Local Folder Inbox, and the second makes a copy to DontWantIt.

In the Rules window, change the order of the Rules, so the DontWantIt appears above the other. Then add a line to the DontWantIt Rule:

What this will do is copy messages from say ALDI to DontWantIt, and then prevent any other Rule from touching that message in the original Inbox.

But why are you doing this? All you are doing is making a duplicate of a message you don’t want. It is still in the Inbox, and now it is also in another folder.

The All Mail folder cannot be deleted as that is what eM Client syncs from Gmail. If you don’t want to see it, right-click on it and choose Hide. It will then be moved to the More folder.

Thanks Gary. I added the new rule and now must wait for the next DontWantIt to arrive! I make a copy since I do like to scan the messages from time to time. I’m aiming for a system much like POP3 where I can work exclusively with the Local Folder ie, save or delete at will without any deletion preventing other devices from reading them. As you may recall, I started out with POP3 until I ran into an eM Client bug described in my post “Reading email from two Windows laptops in same account” (and Ticket: #133966). Now I’m hoping to make IMAP satisfy my needs.

Update: it works!