Completed Google tasks are not deleted

I have completed tasks still showing although they are deleted in Google Tasks (and other apps I use to sync with Google).

Shouldn’t they be deleted in eM when no longer in Google?

Hi, are you sure that they are deleted from Google calendar interface? Could you create test event, synchronize it with eM client and then delete it?


Sorry, I forgot to post that I’m not sure it’s an EM problem. I had a couple tasks that didn’t delete or update but all the others I’ve entered (both in EM and other apps) worked fine so it may have been something with just those two tasks.

I’ve deleted them manually and will let you know if the “problem” shows up again.

ok, if you have done this already, can you tell me outcome?


I have tested and seems to work OK. I had two tasks. One set in EM and the other in a Task app on my iPhone. Checking Done in either EM or the app resulted in task being completed in both platforms.

I deleted the task in the app on my iPhone and it was deleted in EM.

I just wish there was a button to Delete all Completed Tasks in EM rather than one at a time.

You can use “Hide completed” to hide completed tasks.