Complaining about certificates

I’m a happy user of eMClient but all of a sudden I have some problems with certificates for 2 of the 3 accounts I’m using them. So removed them, created new ones. When using these in my mailclient on my androidphone it works nicely but eMClient complains. Checked the certificates, they are the same in the Em Keybook and in and on my computer. But still it won’t work. Account policy also says that the certificates are invalid. And can’t figure out why.

2nd picture I can’t send due to being a new user.

What can cause this? Logfile also says:

11:03:03.175|01A|   SecurityManager.FindAllCertificatesByEmail: Local store yielded 
11:03:03.175|01A|   SecurityManager.IsSuitableForIntent CertificateUseIntent.Encryption Accepted
11:03:03.175|01A|   SecurityManager.IsCertificateValid MailClient.Security.ValidationError
11:03:03.175|01A|   SecurityManager.FindAllCertificatesByEmail #1
11:03:03.176|01A|   SecurityManager.FindAllCertificatesByEmail #2
11:04:25.350|00A|   [Compactor] 22-3-2023 11:04:25 Cycle took 5ms, 32 pages
11:04:25.555|00A|   [Compactor] 22-3-2023 11:04:25 Cycle took 3ms, 56 pages

Thanx in advance.

2nd picture.


Forgot to mention that I created the keypairs with Kleopatra and imported them in eM Client.

A bit later: created a new one within eM Client and that seems to be working (again). So it looks like it’s solved.