Compatible with Win8 RT?

With mobile devices on the rise and tablets taking place very soon to desktops, whats the plan of the company to implement tuch future to the program and re-design the interface?
In brief is when and how soon?

I have good news for you - the upcoming version 6 brings Touch support and slightly modified interface. It will be officially released in few weeks.

I’m sure everybody in eM Client community will be excited about the news.
Please share with us what new futures and improvements will bring this new version.

Most important new features* in eM Client 6 are:

Modern, touch optimized user interface
New Gmail and Google Apps features integration
Calendars on
Microsoft Exchange support

and many others.

Could we have any beta to play with?

Unfortunately, we have not Beta finished yet, but if you are interested in testing email me at - I will send you our pre-beta version. Thank you.