Guess the complete company is on holiday, right now? No answers from official support staff like Olivia or David.for a few days and no sign of life at all.

That’s bad of course for the latest v7 release since there are many questions and obviously unresolved issues.

Don’t want to mention again that v7 again has some troubles with GMail accounts if reading through the last few pages here. Which brings me to my favorite rant: no true progress with new additions to emClient because of this buggy GMail implementation which binds too many development ressources again as it did with v6 already!

Of course there are migration issues, too, that needs to be fixed like missing local (archive) folders, wrong rules order or uncomplete migration of rules like in my case and many more.

I rolled back to v6. I had issues with v7 from the first day and still have not received any answers to my questions regarding the issues. At this time, I’m trying to get a refund because I paid the full price for v7. 

How professionnal is this companiy anyway? On the Homepage of this forum you are still advised that a release candidate of V7 has just come out and there is a link to the blog entry from June, 7th.

The diagram on the “How we compare” page shows a comparison of the latest eM Client to versions of its main competitors from last century.

And at the time of writing those lines, again 24 hours passed by without any noticable support answers on those forums…

We have received overwhelming feedback on version 7. Our support team is hard at work to deal with it and we prioritize paying customers over the community forum. Be assured that any feedback on the forum is not ignored, but it may take a longer while before we address it.

How for heaven’s sake do you determine, that peoplle on this forum are not paying customers?

Filip, no problem but an announcement on top of this forum would be great that states this current slowness.

Nevertheless, Olivia was always present once a day and answered in a timely manner. Would be great if the forum users could get in touch with her again and recognize that their problems are not ignored.

And to be honest, I’m a pro user and could use the ticket server for my issues, however, I got the impression that this does not really speed up bug fixing or implementing one or two enhancements.


Hello Mike,

your involvement with the community is really valued by us. We really do have some people on vacation right now, Olivia among them, so that’s why she can’t provide timely responses. I’ll try to make sure that the information on the forum is up to date.

Hope this helps,

Of course this helps - highly appreciated if you jump in to fill the gap for a short time at least!

We offer dedicated support for paying customers and we advise them to use it for urgent matters or problems that they don’t want to discuss in public. While we are aware of many paying customers participating here on the community forum we can’t guarantee a response time here. That said we try to respond here as well to the best of our abilities.

I’m a paying customer, for both v6 and v7. Why can’t I get support? I’ve been trying since 7/7. All I want now is a full refund and just to forget this nightmare.

Hi Brett, did you go to and open up a pro support ticket there?

Sure did, back on the 8th or 9th I believe. Olivia responded and asked me a few questions. Then she asked me again last week.

Oh, I see. I also had a back and forth with them through the ticket system, and after saying they would look into an issue they didn’t follow up. Only after sending an email again did I hear back from them. (Fortunately, the issue is now resolved.)

Currently Olivia is on holidays as her colleague reported…Nevertheless, I would open a ticket if you are a pro-user of emClient.

But don’t expect an answer in a timely manner anyway.

I already opened a ticket and have multiple emails regarding this. All I want now is a refund for v7.