Commercial use - mailout limitations

Please, clarify whether there is a limitation of recepients address quantitiy in the non-commercial version.
For instance, the gmail server has a limit of 100 addresses in a sinle mailout. When I use other mail clients (such as Outlook, the Bat, etc.) for sending greetings around my friends, I have no problem. But using the eM Client, I encounter the following problem: I insert 50 e-mail addresses in the blind copy field, but the message goes to one recepient only.
My question is if this is the limit of the non-commercial version or that’s a general problem of the software.
Thanks for reply, beforehand.

I’ve really wanted to recommend your software for my company (at least 4 pieces of commercial license), but I cannot do that until you fix that bug of give me a proper answer. I tested the eM client in different ways, yet it seemed to be limitied on purpose. 2 weeks I have no reply from your support service! Good luck guys…

Hello Sergey,

There aren’t any limits imposed by eM Client on the number of messages that you can send, these are guided by server limitations. What you describe is not standard behavior and we would ask you for a few things to be able to examine the issue.

Are you getting any errors/messages? If it is so, could you please post a screenshot of the messages/errors that the program displays and also the log from the tab Log in the Operations window (Menu->Tools->Operations)? Just select all with Ctrl+A and use Ctrl+V to copy it here. Also please include the number of the version that you use (Menu -> Help ->About).

We do apologize for the late reply, but we would recommend using for pre-sale support.

Thank you,